1. anarchadelphia:

    Intro to Security Culture: A Workshop, and Fundraiser for Arrested Protesters

    Come learn about security for radicals and activists, while supporting arrested protesters cover their legal expenses.

    Security culture is a set of customs and practices that a group of people who may be targets of political repression share to minimize risks and avoid paranoia. This workshop will include a short presentation as well as a Q&A/discussion segment.

    Pay What You Can//No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds
    (Money raised at this event will go toward the legal expenses of those arrested at last Saturday’s protest)

    Sunday August 31st
    4pm to 7pm
    A-Space 4722 Baltimore Av

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  2. Study: New Yorkers Face Cancer Spike From Monsanto’s Roundup in City Parks


    Study: New Yorkers Face Cancer Spike From Monsanto’s Roundup in City Parks

    by Christina Sarich / Natural Society

    pesticides_new_york-263x164The Parks Department in New York, which was responsible for sprayingpesticides on greenspaces more than 1,300 times last year, is likely leading to more prevalent cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and breast cancer, according to the findings of recent studies. The pesticide they use most often (even where children are at play) in order to eliminate weeds that…

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  3. mothersnewsofficial:

    the Body is having a t-shirt sale to raise money for a new van, and among the new designs are these “vote for your favorite member of the Body” shirts… damn i love these dudes… can’t choose a fav tho…


  4. nickijuana:

    Dawaynes lurkin

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  5. affair:

    teen suicidei wanna be a witch

    i wanna get high with you in my room 
    i want it to rain 
    i wanna stay in bed today 
    i will change my name 
    im counting down the weeks 
    until you come home 
    a miracle’s gonna come save me 
    it’s the only way 
    i wanna build a place in you 
    where i can be made new 
    i wanna sleep until it ends 
    i won’t make new friends

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  8. plz dont die; plz stop dying

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